Semester Travels

This semester I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to spend 4.5 months studying at University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Throughout my time here I will be taking 4 classes at UCD, exploring as much of Ireland as possible, and traveling to various other countries to see what the rest of Europe has to offer.

Currently, I have flights booked to visit the following:

Mannheim, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Rome, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium
Copenhagen, Denmark
Kraków, Poland
Prague, Czech Republic
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Cornwall, England

My dad is also coming to see me at the end of my semester and during his stay here I hope to show him bits of Ireland, and we also have a week planned in various parts of Greece including:

Athens, Greece
Santorini/Oia, Greece
Corfu, Greece

I fly back to Boston on May 30th! 🙂