Cornish Things

This past weekend, Cam and I traveled to Cornwall, England to stay in a realllllly really small town called Latchley. Our airbnb was about an hour from the airport which doesn’t seem that far…but in Cornwall, that hour drive was spent winding through hills and narrow roads.

Aside from Cornwall’s small town feel and acres upon acres of farmland, the first thing I noticed when we got there was how extremely kind everyone is. It began with our taxi driver who was all smiles and greeted us right at the arrivals area of the airport. Then when we got to the airbnb at Old Solomon’s Farm (keep in mind that it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere), we didn’t really know where we were supposed to go. Our wonderful host, Margaret, wasn’t back from her vacation in Australia and wouldn’t be until later in the afternoon so we just stood there feeling a bit lost for a few minutes until Margaret’s neighbor, Tony, came out and asked if we needed help (clearly, we looked as lost as we felt). Tony knew Margaret very well and showed us to the entrance to the Apple Loft where we were staying knowing that Margaret’s daughter, Kate, had probably left the door open for us. And he was correct. After declining his offer for us to come and have tea with him and his wife (we were both really exhausted and starving), he came back over to the Apple Loft to bring us a pitcher of fresh milk in case we wanted to have tea of our own.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.36.13 PM.png
The Apple Loft

Our airbnb was so comfortable and cozy, and just absolutely adorable. We loved it as soon as we walked in the door. Not long after we had dinner set out on the table (bagged pasta that cooks in 5 minutes- my specialty), Margaret came knocking at the door to make sure we had everything we needed. There aren’t really any words to describe how kind, sweet, genuine, and wonderful Margaret is. She came to our door with her granddaughter, Daisy, smiling and genuinely happy to have us staying in her loft. Margaret is probably the most adorable older British woman in the world.

Anyway. After Margaret left, our first night in Cornwall was pretty much just spent eating pasta, drinking wine, watching a movie and going to bed. Cam had especially had a long day of traveling and we had wanted to wake up on Friday and enjoy the little time we had in Latchley.

Oh, also, by staying in the Apple Loft we also got our own personal little garden…

Our initial plan was to take a day trip to Port Isaac on Friday and one to St. Ives on Saturday, but due to the rainy forecast for Friday we decided to cut the St. Ives trip and go to Port Isaac on Saturday instead. When making these plans though, we did not account for the fact that the airbnb is self-catered. And we didn’t bring much food with us. And the nearest grocery store is 5 miles away. And we don’t have a car. And it’s going to be raining…I had brought the pasta for dinner the previous night with me from Dublin, so by Friday morning all we had was a little bit of leftovers, some Pringles, and a small box of granola bars. We considered walking to the store for about 5 seconds but the thought of making that trek in the rain didn’t sound awesome, so we decided we would just ration our food to make it last until Saturday.

We were down to just the chocolate and leftover pasta by 1pm.

So, we decided to go for a little walk to get ourselves away from the little food we had left and to see some of the Latchley farmland.

The weather was pretty crappy so we were only outside for about an hour before deciding it was time to go back in. Luckily, on our way back we saw a sign on someone’s front lawn saying they had eggs for sale, so we walked up and ended up getting his last 1/2 dozen eggs for £1. So no, Mom, we didn’t starve. 🙂

Once we got back, we decided to just stay inside and hang out in the cozy little Apple Loft while the weather was still yucky. Apparently we’re 80 years old, because we also decided to spend our time in there drinking tea and doing a puzzle…and we loved every second of it.

IMG-20160423-WA0005On Saturday, we got up and left the Apple Loft via taxi by 9am so we could get to Port Isaac. Margaret had recommended that we use her local taxi man and I understood why about 3 minutes after he picked us up – he was SO nice. We had planned to spend the whole day in Port Isaac but it’s a pretty small town, so he offered to wait while we spent a little bit of time there and then drive us to Rock where we could catch a ferry to a port town called Padstow. Both Rock and Padstow had some interesting history, so we took him up on his offer.

Now, if you know my Mum and you’ve ever seen the show Doc Martin, you’ll understand why we made a special trip to Port Isaac. It is one of Mumma’s favorite shows ever and it was filmed in little Port Isaac – she has always said the setting of Doc Martin felt like home to her, so I decided to make a trip there to get some pictures of significant sites from the show.

Port Isaac may have been small, but it was absolutely beautiful. Cam and I were very fortunate with the weather we got that day (as numerous locals kept telling us) so it was just amazing. I certainly understand why Mumma feels so connected to it.

After leaving Port Isaac we headed out for Rock and Padstow – two more beautiful port towns in Cornwall. We spent most of our afternoon there walking around, eating (ice cream, sandwiches, cheesy french fries…you name it) and just sitting on the grass and by the pier enjoying the sunshine.

I think what I liked the most about this trip is that Cam and I were’t rushing around trying to see all of the famouP1370117s landmarks and get pictures of everything. Although there were a few photos I wanted to get (and Mum wanted me to get) in Port Isaac, both of us really just wanted to spend our time there relaxing, and that’s exactly what we did. We did a puzzle, we drank wine, we played mini golf, and we went for walks through a few beautiful small towns. There wasn’t much more I could have asked for.

It also helped that I beat Cam in mini golf… 🙂

Rock, Cornwall, England

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