Cara Takes Dublin for St. Paddy’s Day!

For her spring break my roommate from Bentley, Cara, made the trek across the Atlantic to spend a week between Barcelona and Dublin, which meant being in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day!

The day Cara flew into Dublin we went and did a tour of the Guinness Storehouse, which is something I hadn’t done yet so I was really excited that we were both getting to do it for the first time! The tour told us all about the history of Guinness and their process for making beer, which I thought was really cool. They also have a bar at the top of the Storehouse called the Gravity Bar, which gives visitors a complete 360 view of Dublin and is absolutely beautiful!

View from the Gravity Bar

We were both extremely tired that day, so after the tour we pretty much just went to get food at pub and called it a night.

Although I had already been to the Cliffs of Moher twice, for Cara’s second day here I really wanted to take her to see them, so we went on a guided tour of Ireland’s west coast. Her boyfriend, Andrew, came to Dublin for St. Patrick’s day too so he got to come on the tour as well which was really awesome! I had seen most of the spots the bus was planning to stop at, but this day in particular easily had the nicest weather I have experienced in Ireland so far which made everything look different. We also walked on the left side of the Cliffs which I had never done before, so it was all really great! 🙂

The weather was SO nice. I got to walk around the coast without my jacket on, which has never happened to me here, so I was PUMPED! On the tour we also got to walk around the small town of Doolin for a little bit after lunch, stopped somewhere along the coast that our driver called the “Mini Cliffs”, walked on the Burren, and went to a local chocolatier called Hazel Mountain Chocolate (they make all of their chocolate using milk from local cows, and make it right in their little shop!). These were all new experiences for all of us, and I thought it was really awesome that we all got to experience them together. On top of all that we also went to Corcomroe Abbey and Dunguaire Castle, both of which I had been to before and loved! And like I said already, the beautiful weather made all of it look a little different to me.

Cara’s third day here was St. Patrick’s day, and I somehow managed to not take a single picture that day…partly because the new phone I have has a really horrible camera, and I didn’t want to take Mumma’s nice camera into the crowded city full of intoxicated people. So, I don’t have any evidence of the day, but I can assure you we had fun. 🙂

Cara’s last full day here was spent walking around Dublin. Her and Andrew did a tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the morning, and then I met up with them in the afternoon to walk around a bit. We went to the National Gallery of Ireland as well as the Dublin Science Gallery, neither of which I had been to before. The gallery had some really great artwork, and the science museum had a virtual reality thing setup for visitors to use which was SUPER cool. It made it so you could walk around a farm from the perspective of a chicken and you could jump and fly and everything! Needless to say, I was extremely entertained/impressed. All you had to do was put on goggles and headphones, use the ball in front of you to make the chicken move, and use the pedal on your left foot to make it jump. After the museums, we walked around the Trinity College campus a bit, walked down Grafton Street (a big shopping street in Dublin), and then went to get some dinner.

Unfortunately after dinner we had to say our goodbyes 😦 I was leaving for Amsterdam the next morning and she was leaving to head back to the states in the afternoon. It was really wonderful getting to see her and I’m so happy she got a chance to see a little bit of Ireland – I hope she had as much fun as I did. 🙂



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