I Wish I Were In Baaarcelona Nowww…

Thanks to a Skype call a few weeks ago with my wonderful Mumma and little brother, I spent my entire stay in Barcelona with a really annoying song stuck in my head. Don’t listen to “Barcelona” by Bill Newman….just don’t.

JD, Bill, Cam and I at the top of Park Güell!

Unfortunately although I made it back from Barcelona, my cell phone did not…I’m not sure if I somehow just lost it or if I was pickpocketed and it got stolen, but either way, it is no longer with me. I’m mostly bummed because I has a lot of my pictures from this trip on it. I also didn’t realize how many different things I use my phone for until I lost it…for example, my boarding pass for my flight home and my bus ticket to get from the airport back to UCD were on my phone, I currently don’t have any form of alarm clock whatsoever, and I don’t wear a watch so I don’t know what time it is at all unless I have my computer open (there aren’t any clocks in my bedroom or kitchen at school). It has partly been kind of nice not having my face in it all the time, but I also leave for a 13 day trip on Saturday…so I’m hoping to have a new one by then.

Anyway, this weekend I got to meet up with some friends from Bentley in Barcelona! Aside from the whole phone situation it was a really awesome weekend of walking around and exploring with some of my best friends. My roommate from Bentley didn’t get a chance to study abroad this semester but she came to Europe for her spring break, so her and her boyfriend, Andrew (another good friend of ours) met up with us in Barcelona and are both coming to Dublin tomorrow for 5 days!! 🙂

Our first day in in Barcelona was a pretty short one for me – I had to be up at 4am for my flight there, so after arriving in Spain around 10am their time I was already a bit burnt out. I did get a chance to walk through Parc de la Ciutadella and snagged some photos in there of a beautiful fountain, a castle, and Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf.

P1350123While Cam and Bill were touring Camp Nou (a soccer stadium), JD and I walked around other places and stopped to eat at a little restaurant outside of Placa Reial, where we enjoyed some really delicious muscles with fresh peppers and some yummy sangria!

Our second day in Barcelona was spent mostly touring la Sagrada Familia and walking around Park Güell, which were both absolutely amazing. Sagrada Familia is a huge Roman Catholic church designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Construction on the Basilica began in the late 1880s and is still occurring – in the end there are going to be 18 towers, but only 8 are currently completed. Unfortunately all of my pictures of the outside of la Sagrada Familia are on my iPhone, but Cam sent me a few so I could share them with everyone. 🙂 I strongly encourage you to look up la Sagrada Familia and read about some of the history – it’s absolutely beautiful and I found it very interesting!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Part of our tour of la Sagrada Familia was going up into one of the completed towers. We were taken by elevator up to the top of the Passion Façade, which gave an amazing view of Barcelona, and then had to go down over 300 narrow sept on a spiral staircase to get back to the ground floor. If you’re not a fan of heights but still want to go into one of the towers, I would strongly discourage you looking down when making your way back to the bottom…

After la Sagrada Familia we made our way to Park Güell, where we had 11:00am tickets to see the really beautiful architectural inside of the monumental zone. We were running a little bit late so we were rushing to get there, and once we finally made it we realized we had no clue where the entrance to the monumental zone was…and proceeded to get lost in the park…which ended up being okay, because the park itself was pretty magnificent. In the end we completely missed our reservation, but we found some cool entertainment and spectacular views instead.

After leaving Park Güell and finding some much needed food and gelato we decided it was time for a little siesta, so we went back to our Airbnb until it was time to leave for a James Bay concert! James Bay has been one of my new favorite artists, so getting to see him perform live at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Spain was certainly an unforgettable experience. He was an absolutely phenomenal performer and it was easily one of the best shows I have ever been to. Again, my pictures from the concert are no longer with me considering right after the concert is when my phone went MIA, but believe me when I say that it was amazing!

For our third day in Barcelona we didn’t have much planned and just wanted to take the day to walk around – Cam had already left (he had to catch a bus back to the airport at 3am), JD’s flight left at 4pm, and Bill, Vic (another friend from Bentley), and I didn’t have to go to the airport until 7 for our 9pm flights. JD’s one goal of the trip to Barcelona was to go to the only Taco Bell in the city…so we spent the morning making our way to the opposite side of Barcelona to get to this Taco Bell. It probably would have been extremely underwhelming, but by the time we all got there we were all absolutely starving so it tasted pretty gourmet to me.

Our last destination in Barca was one that I was especially pumped for – THE BEACH! Ireland has beaches but the weather doesn’t make it feel very “beachy”, so I was extremely excited to just go sit on the beach in the sun with my friends. Although it got a bit chilly near the end of our visit, being at the beach definitely made me happy. I got to dip my toes in the Mediterranean Sea, and even got a little bit tan!

Despite being bummed about the loss of my phone and all of its contents, I still got to spend a weekend in Barcelona with 3 of my best friends, and nothing can take away from how amazing that still is to me. 🙂

I also learned a valuable lesson about why one shouldn’t keep their phone in their back pocket…


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