Family, The Irish Whiskey Museum, and Hurling (like, the sport…)

Unfortunately I’ve been pretty sick for a while with bronchitis and some lung problem (which I didn’t have diagnosed until today because I’m stubborn and didn’t listen to my mom when she told me to go to the doctors weeks ago…maybe someday I’ll learn), so I haven’t really done much lately. Last Tuesday, however, I did get a chance to meet up with my cousin and his new fiancee for dinner while they were on vacation in Ireland for 10 days!

Congratulations on your engagement, Connor and Haley!!!

It was really wonderful getting to see them and catch up for a couple of hours while they were here – we all had a blast at dinner. 🙂

On Saturday I also decided to get my butt out of bed and actually do something with my day other than laying around being sick, so I went to tour the Irish Whiskey Museum with a couple of friends and then went to my first ever hurling match.

On the way to the museum, I also witnessed my first protest. Apparently the Irish are currently being taxed for their water, and they aren’t too happy about it.

The museum was really awesome. Our tour guide walked us through the history of Irish whiskey, how it was made, major distilleries from a long time ago, and the current state of Irish whiskey production. We also got to taste test 4 different kind of whiskey at the end, and keep a cool little souvenir glass.

Dublin vs. Galway

After finishing up at the museum and meeting up with some other friends for dinner to devour a delicious pulled pork sandwich from a BBQ joint, I got to watch Dublin beat Galway at my first ever hurling match. Going into it, I knew absolutely nothing about hurling whatsoever. I had never seen it played before, I didn’t know how scoring worked, and I definitely didn’t know any of the rules at all. Luckily it wasn’t too complicated to figure out, and it turned out to be one of the most interesting sports I’ve ever watched.

During half-time there were a bunch of adorable little Irish kids that got to go out onto the field and play hurling against each other, and they were so impressive…to the point of making me feel slightly bad about my current lack of hand-eye coordination.

After the match, we decided to check out this weird pub everyone else had all heard about called “The Gravediggers.” If you know me at all, you know that I’m a complete wimp when it comes to anything remotely creepy or scary. I especially don’t like things in costume, cemeteries at night, or dark alleys (really just the dark in general). None of them had been to this pub before, so it was about 9pm and we had to find our way there. As it turns out, you have to walk down a long dark alley next to a huge cemetery in order to reach The Gravediggers, which happens to be a pub where people like to dress up and wear face makeup like it’s halloween.

Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Yeah. That was a fun one.


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