Dinner and a Tour With the Quinn School of Business

On January 29th, UCD’s Business School treated all of the international business students to a short tour of Dublin and a 3 course meal. They didn’t give us any details whatsoever regarding what we might see on the tour or what kind of food we were going to eat, but I didn’t care, because…well…free food. So, we followed our program manager, Madeline, onto the Dublin Bus and into the city and got off at Aston Quay along the river. There were approximately 75 of us there, and as a mob we started walking…and kept walking…and walking…and since it was like playing a little game of follow the leader, no one except Madeline was paying attention to crosswalk signals. That is, until half of the group almost got hit by oncoming traffic and Madeline yelled back that although we are “all together”, no crosswalk in the city is going to stay on long enough for 75 people to cross the road at the same time. Noted, Madeline. Noted.

When we finally reached our first destination, Madeline had led us all to St. Michan’s Church. The outside of the church was stunning, so I thought we were being taken there simply to see how beautiful it is (which I would have been perfectly content with).

St. Michan’s Church

After capturing touristy pictures of the outside we were guided inside, sat down, and a man started talking to us about the history of the church…which included the discovery of several mummified bodies buried underneath it in two separate crypts. REAL. MUMMIFIED. BODIES. The nice man then proceeded to explain how when we enter the crypts, we have to be very careful on the stairs because they are really uneven and the step at the bottom is really big. I’m not sure what he said after that…he pretty much lost me after I realized that the plan was for us to actually go down into these crypts to see the aforementioned mummies. And we did. And it was kind of cool/creepy/eerie/something I’m probably all set to never do again.


Naturally, after venturing under a church and checking out some dead people, we made our way to dinner for the 3 course meal. Needless to say, my appetite was through the roof.

Despite feeling a bit woozy from the crypts, the meal was amazing.

Even being 5 feet from mummies couldn’t spoil that dinner for me.

After dinner a few of my friends and I decided to explore more of Dublin’s nightlife (which we did without entering a single bar). On our adventure we discovered some beautiful parts of the city we had not yet seen.

January 29th was a day of mummies, delicious food, and lots of colorful lights and artwork…and it was awesome.


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